Going Solar Makes Financial Sense

At SolarShare, we make it possible for Irish homeowners to generate, store and sell their own clean, low-cost electricity supply from solar power.

Let us say you have €10k sitting in your bank account earning zero interest. By installing a SolarShare System* in your home, you start generating your own electricity immediately, thereby saving on the amount you would normally pay your electricity provider.

A typical Irish detached home can generate 60-80% of its electricity needs by going solar. If your monthly electricity bill is €100, that’s an immediate savings of €50 to €70 per month—or approximately €700 per year! Not a bad tax-free return on a €10k investment.

And the savings don’t stop there…

By installing a SolarShare System with solar PV panels and a 5kWh energy storage battery, you can store the excess electricity you generated on sunny days—and by doing so, convert to a night tariff with your electricity provider to top up your battery at night, cutting your electricity cost by roughly another €50 per year.

If you opt to connect to our community-owned Virtual Power Plant (VPP), you will have the opportunity to earn an additional €200 per year by selling your excess electricity, and by making your battery available to the system operator for load balancing services.

*Calculation based on a 5kWh SolarShare system

With carbon taxes expected to increase from €20/ton to €80/ton by 2030, and potentially significantly more thereafter, the forecast savings over that period average €50 per year.

So to sum up — with your home generating 60% of its own electricity, plus you avail of reduced night tariffs, become part of the SolarShare VPP, and you save on future increases in carbon tax, the cumulative saving provides over a 10% tax-free return on your money.

That’s not to mention more than 20 tons of CO2 emissions you’ll save over the next 20 years by going solar!