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For many years SolarShare Limited has been operating in County Carlow successfully providing solar panel installations for homes.  Our many happy customers there are now making substantial savings to their energy costs and are somewhat protected from the ongoing energy squeeze.

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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Carlow is well positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels. The darker colours along the east coast are the best areas.

If you would like more information about how you could benefit from solar panels just fill in the form you see on this page and we will get back to you.

Carlow as a county has a proud history of supporting renewable energy projects. In 2021 according to the local website The Carlow Live planning permission was granted for over 500 yards of solar panels to be erected on roof of Penneys in Carlow.

Maybe Penneys got their lead from Carlow Co. Council. In 2016, Carlow County Council was behind target to meet energy efficiency commitments detailed for all public sector bodies in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.  A solar PV array was subsequently designed for the County Hall building to maximise roof space and solar emissions. 15.75kW of PV panels were installed in September 2016, Early adapters to put it mildly.

The local council has recently granted planning permission for a 65 hectare (160 acre) solar farm in Grangeford Old and Friarstown . The development site is adjoined to the Ardnehue river which drains into the Burren river.

SolarShare Limited look forward to supporting the people of Carlow in the journey to take full advantages of renewable energy and solar power in particular.

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