SEAI Solar PV Grant Application: Step-by-Step Guide


Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for a grant for your Solar PV System from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Before Applying

You will need to have the following information to hand: 

  • Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is an 11-digit number that can be found at the top of your electricity bill.
  • The year your house was built and occupied (it must be prior to 2021).
  • Your BER number and your BER rating.

Applying Online

Step 1 – Register with SEAI

SEAI Grant Application

  • Complete your personal details in the fields provided
  • Confirm your email address by clicking ‘Confirm Email’ and follow the instructions sent to your email address

Step 2 – Create a Claim

  • Login to the SEAI Claims Portal website
  • On your homepage under ‘My Applications’ click ‘Click here to create a new claim

Step 3 – Submit a Claim

  • Enter your MPRN into the field provided and click ‘Check MPRN Address

SEAI Grant Application

  • Check the ‘Solar PV’ box and enter the ‘Applicant System Size (kWp)
  • Check the ‘Battery Storage’ box if applicable
  • Enter your ‘BER Number’ and ‘BER Rating’

SEAI Grant Application

  • Enter your address and the year your house was built
  • Use the search icon to ‘Choose a Company’ and then search for ‘SolarShare’. 
  • Ensure ‘SolarShare’ is selected and then click ‘Select
  • Enter your payment details
  • If you are happy with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, check the boxes
  • Click ‘Submit Claim
  • You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting the claim 
  • Your application and the status of it will appear on your Claims Portal homepage under ‘My Applications’ 

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