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6 Reasons To Choose SolarShare For Solar PV Panels Ireland

Solar Panels Ireland
  1. We can help you save up to €3000 by capitalizing on the SEAI grant
  2. Save as much as €25,000 in energy costs over the lifetime of your system.
  3. We know that one size does not fit all. We are dedicated to ensuring your solar panel solution is designed to meet your unique needs.
  4. Ireland has the third highest rate of carbon emissions in the EU. Every home that switches to solar power helps the nation clean up its act.
  5. The average home in Ireland can create up to 80% of their own power needs with energy from solar panels PV.
  6. SolarShare is like an energy co-op. If you generate more electricity than you need, you can actually sell it to others.

Act Now to secure your Solar PV Panels grant

You may have heard that the SEAI grant will be going soon. This is true. It’s slated to go when the export tariff is introduced. It was announced in January (2021) that the target launch is July. We are not sure if it will happen then, but it is going soon, before the end of the year.

You don’t want to lose out on the €3000 grant. Think of the holiday that would pay for. So even if you have not completely made up your mind on getting solar panels you should secure the €3000 grant now.

Once done, your grant will be available for you to draw down right up until the end of 2021. This will remain true even when the grant itself is closed to new applicants. The application process is really easy. You get an answer in 24 hours. So all you need to do is first get a quote from SolarShare for your optimum solar installation. and then just follow our simple three step guide to the SEAI Grant.

You could have the grant in the bag by tomorrow and have until the end of the year to decide if you are going to use it. You would be mad not to.

Are Solar Panels Really Worth It in Ireland?

Solar Panel New 2

If you are considering the upgrade to solar panels in Ireland, your first consideration is probably the bottom line. Is it possible to save money and save the environment?

Let’s break it down for you.

At SolarShare, we install solar PV panels. PV stands for photovoltaic, that means the panels generate electricity from light. Solar PV panels need daylight (‘diffuse’ light) not sunlight (‘direct’ light), so this makes them an ideal option for use in Ireland.

The daylight along the east coast in particular, in counties such as Louth, Dublin and Wicklow or even Kildare or Meath is very suitable for electricity generation using solar panels.

You might remember Solar Panels in Ireland used to just produce hot water for your tank. The new PV panels available in Ireland generates electricity. This means you can get much more out of the electricity you harvest from your Solar Panels.

So, to imagine if a solar PV Ireland makes sense, we’ve got to answer two questions:

Cost of solar panels in Ireland

The typical range is €6000 to €17,000 before applying the SEAI grant.

However, the exact cost to go solar depends on factors of your specific home, such as the total roof space that is viable for PV panels. You can request a free remote SolarSurvey here to get more accurate numbers. Generally speaking, the higher your installation costs, the more panels you will have. And thus, the more free energy you will produce.

Save up to €3000 with an SEAI grant. If the upfront costs seem too much to you, then we’ve got good news. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is awarding grants of up to €3000 to eligible homeowners. You can check your eligibility here.

How much energy will solar panels generate?

The average home in Ireland can generate up to 80% of its own electricity through solar PV panels. When you consider that the average annual electric bill amounts to almost €1100, that means you could save €880 per year! As the cost of electricity from the grid goes up as it has done several times in recent months so will your savings.

Who makes the best solar panels?

The list of solar panel manufacturers is a long one, but with any list, it can be sorted by who sells the most panels.

Copy of Top 10 website
Top 10 module manufacturers

Of course, the most is not necessarily the best. The table below is a summary of which manufacturers have appeared most frequently in the annual independent test report (20202021) published by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL). Each panel tested is run through a rigorous array of industry tests to determine performance and reliability.

2020 Top Performer PV Module Reliability Scorecard
Trina Solar
Hanwha Q Cells –
JA Solar –
REC Group –
GCL – –
Suntech – –

Aesthetics or performance?

Solar panels work best in bright but cold weather. As a solar panel heats up, the electrical resistance increases, reducing its efficiency.

When considering the visual appearance of a solar panel, there are three parts to consider:

  • the frame around the PV panel;
  • the PV cells on the panel;
  • the backing pad under the PV cells;

An ‘all black’ panel has all three components in black. A ‘black frame’ panel has a white backing pad. For the technical reasons above, the homeowner must make a choice between performance and aesthetics. Which would you choose?

Longi all black 01
QCells black frame 02

Final Answer: Yes! Solar Panels Are Worth It

Let’s imagine your installation is on the higher end of and you qualify for the €3000 SEAI grant. Your upfront costs would be €14,000. Over 25 years, you will have saved €22,000 in energy costs, for a total net savings of €8000! All that, and you’ll be doing your part to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions.

Rely Less On The Grid

Solar PV Panels

When you choose SolarShare, you won’t be disconnected from the Irish grid. You just won’t have to rely on it as much. The beauty of solar panels is that you are generating your own power. No matter what is going on elsewhere in the country, you’ve always got your own clean, renewable source of energy.

It also means that your energy costs are largely fixed. So no matter how oil or gas prices fluctuate with the market, most of your energy is always going to be free. Sunshine doesn’t cost a thing. And, as the price of energy increases over the years with inflation, your solar panels will actually be saving you more!

Sell Or Store Surplus Energy

Along with solar panels, we will also install a battery. This is a must-have so that you don’t waste a single watt of power. You see, solar power needs to be used or stored immediately as it is generated. Otherwise, it goes to waste. A battery gives you somewhere to store that extra energy.

And, if your panels generate more than your home needs, you can even sell that excess to others. When you join SolarShare, your home is networked into a grid of thousands of others across Ireland, functioning as a nationwide virtual power plant. And your surplus energy can go back into this grid for your profit.

State of The Art PV Panel and Battery Hardware

If your solar system is going to earn you your money’s worth, it has got to be built to last. That is why we use only the best equipment for every installation. Our solar PV panels are built to last well over 25 years. And our batteries are warrantied for 10 years, but tend to function much longer than that. Beyond state of the art hardware, though, you can also count on professional installation. There is a lot that can go wrong with solar power.

Your panels need to be installed safely to avoid damaging the roof. The battery and inverter need to be properly connected to your home system. And the whole setup needs to be tied into the power grid. The good news is that when you choose SolarShare, you are choosing the experts in Solar PV Ireland trusts to get the job done right.

What About Thermal Solar Panels?


You may have heard about homeowners using thermal solar panels just for generating energy for hot water. This is a good solution if you have a very low electricity demand and very high hot water demand. Find out more on our comparison page.

However, at SolarShare, our focus is on PV panel installation. These are the systems that generate the most energy, save you the most money, and have the best impact on the environment. To learn if your home is the right choice for solar PV panels, request your free SolarSurvey today.

Service You Can Count On

No two solar panel installations in Ireland are 100% the same. Every home is unique. That’s why SolarShare prides itself on offering bespoke configurations to meet your exact needs. Some roofs have less room for panels. Others don’t need to generate as much power. And every homeowner is running on a different budget.

We find the happy point between your home and your power needs in order to create a solar system that maximizes the free energy you can generate without overburdening you with unnecessary costs.


Solar Panel Monitoring Software Solutions

One of the best parts of converting to solar power is seeing how much of an impact your choice is making. So we set you up with a solar monitoring system that you can use to keep track of exactly how your panels are performing. Through our desktop or mobile app, you can view valuable information about your energy generation and consumption.

After installation of your system, our experts will train you in how to use your monitoring app so that you can track your home’s performance anytime, anywhere. Equipped with data of your own energy use, you’ll be better informed to maximize your system’s capacity and efficiency.

3 Ways Solar Panels Benefit Everyone

By going solar, you are doing more than just making a smart financial investment. Every homeowner who installs solar panels is benefiting all of Ireland. Here’s how:

You bolster our economy. The majority of Ireland is powered by imported fossil fuels. Every home that generates its own power means less money going abroad to pay for this.

You protect our energy security. When we don’t have to rely as heavily on foreign fuels, we ensure reliable and affordable access to energy in the future. More domestically generated energy means less risk for Ireland Inc due to political or environmental disasters abroad that might reduce or cut off our energy supply.

You reduce our carbon footprint. Switching to solar reduces the average home’s carbon emissions by about 1 metric ton annually. That’s the equivalent of burning more than 1,000 pounds of coal. Over the lifetime of your system, you are preventing 25 metric tons or more of harmful greenhouse gasses from being released into the atmosphere. Your children and grand-children will thank you for this.

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