Solar Panels Ireland – Save Money & The Environment

Solar panels on the roof of your home will generate free electricity for you & your family for the next 25 years. Every two months for the next 25 years when you get your electricity bill you will see significant reductions in your electricity costs.

As the cost of electricity goes up, so does the amount of money you are saving. As well as significant savings on your electricity costs you will also reduce your carbon footprint and so help in the fight against climate change.

At times your solar panels will generate more electricity than you can use at that moment, that excess power will be exported back to the grid. You will now get paid for the power you send back to the grid. The amount you get paid will appear as a credit on your electricity bill and so reduce your energy costs even further.

There seems to be great uncertainty around how we as a nation and individuals source our power.  Now is the time to consider how you power your home and how you pay for that power.

Solar panels installed on your roof will make you less reliant on the grid for power and so make you more secure in how you power your home.

SolarShare is the only professional for solar panels in Ireland that you need to call.

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5 Reasons To Choose SolarShare For Solar PV Panels Ireland

Solar Panels Ireland
  1. We can help you save up to €2400 by capitalizing on the SEAI grant
  2. We know that one size does not fit all. We are dedicated to ensuring your solar panel solution is designed to meet your unique needs.
  3. We have been successfully installing solar panels in Ireland for many years and have hundreds of happy customers.
  4. The average home in Ireland can create up to 80% of their own power needs with energy from solar panels PV.
  5. SolarShare is like an energy co-op. If you generate more electricity than you need, you can actually sell it to others.

The ideal Solar Panel installation for your home

Installing solar panels in Ireland is a significant investment and so it is key that you get the solar configuration that is best suited to you.

Many factors can affect the solar system you may wish to install on your home. Here at Solar Share we take the time to work with you to design the ideal system for your needs.

Factors involved in designing your ideal solar system are as follows

  • How much power can your roof generate. The potential of your roof depends on how many panels can be placed on the roof. What is the orientation of the roof, south facing is great but roofs that are a combination of east and west facing roofs also work really well. Is there any trees shading the roof.
  • What is your budget for your solar panel installation.
  • How much power do you currently use in your home.
  • Do you have or plan to buy an electric car.
  • How do you heat your home, do you plan to install an air pump.
  • How many people are in the house, are they in the house all day or is it empty from 9 – 5.
  • Do you want a battery as part of your solar installation.
  • Your own personal goals when installing pv panels.

Our solar survey is the first step in gathering this information. Providing us with your Eircode will allow us to determine the potential of your location to generate power.

This information, along with the details outlined about which you bring to the table form the basis of a detailed consultation that will determine your ideal solar setup.

Our objective in this process is to ensure you understand fully what you are buying , why you are buying it , the benefit it will bring to you and the costs involved.

This process takes as long as it takes to ensure you get all the information you need to make the best decision for your home and family.

There is no cost or obligation involved in this process for you.

If you choose to use Solar Share to install your solar panel system it normally takes 2 3 months to deliver.

Solar PV Panels grant from The SEAI

The grant available from The SEAI is now €2400. This is towards the costs of installing your solar panels.  As you now get paid for exporting excess power to the grid the government has taken away the €600 that was available as a grant towards a battery for your system.

You don’t want to lose out on the €2400 grant. So even if you have not completely made up your mind on getting solar panels you should secure the €2400 grant now.

Once approved, your grant will be available for you to draw down for up to 6 months.  The application process is really easy. You get an answer in 24 hours. So all you need to do is first get a quote from SolarShare for your optimum solar installation. and then just follow our simple three step guide to the SEAI Grant.

You could have the grant in the bag by tomorrow and have 6 months to draw down that money.

Are Solar Panels Really Worth It in Ireland?

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home your first consideration is probably the bottom line. What are the costs of installing solar panels in Ireland and will I get a good return for that investment.

solar panels ireland

First of all we need kill the idea that solar panels will not work well in Ireland due to our not so great weather. Costs would be irrelevant if the panels themselves do not work in our climate.

In Ireland SolarShare like all other installers install solar PV panels. PV stands for photovoltaic, that means the panels generate electricity from light. Solar PV panels need daylight (‘diffuse’ light) not sunlight (‘direct’ light), so this makes them an ideal option for use in Ireland.

You get great light for solar panels all over Ireland but it is best along the east coast of Ireland as you can see from the image of Ireland. Darker areas have the best light so you are in luck if your looking for solar panels in Dublin or solar panels in Kildare or any of these other counties Louth, Wicklow, Meath, WestMeath, KilkennyCarlow  or Offaly

Solar panels are actually less efficient when it is too hot so Irelands bright but not too hot conditions can be ideal. During winter when we get those bright but cold days you will see that your solar panels are working particularly well.

You might remember Solar Panels in Ireland used to only produce hot water for your tank. The new PV panels available in Ireland generates electricity. This means you can use your solar panels to power anything in your home that uses electricity and not just for hot water.

So, it is clear that Ireland is a good location for solar panels and the modern pv panels been used by Irish pv installers offer the maximum benefit to Irish consumers, in particular in Dublin and along the east coast.

Cost of solar panels installation in Ireland

Now that you know solar panels work well in Ireland what do they cost to install. The typical range is €6000 to €17,000 before applying the SEAI grant.

However, the exact cost to go solar depends on many factors. In particular the following 2 factors drive cost. How many pv panels you choose to have installed on your roof and if you choose to have a battery as part of your solar panel system.

You can request a free remote SolarSurvey here or add your details to the form you see on this page and we will perform a solar survey on your home. This will allow us to determine the potential of your roof for generating electricity. This information will help you decide on how many panels you should get installed.

Save up to €2400 with an SEAI grant. If the upfront costs seem too much to you, then we’ve got good news. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is awarding grants of up to €2400 to eligible homeowners. You can check your eligibility here.

Return on your Solar Panel Investment

No matter how big or small your pv system will be it is still a significant financial investment. Your solar panels are an investment and they will produce a return so how does that stack up against leaving your money in the bank. How long will it take for you to see a return on that investment?

solar panels return on investment

The graphic you see shows the figure for an investment of €10,000 in a 4kWh system installed in Dublin. We make some assumptions in relation to the cost of power, the amount of solar power been generated by the panels and then used in the home. We also factor in power generated by the panels and exported to the grid. There is no battery as part of this system.

The first thing to note is while the 4kWh system these figures are based on cost €10,000 , your net cost will be €7,600 once you the SEAI grant is taken into account.

  • The first column shows you what would have happened if you left your €7,600 in the bank earning interest. You can see at the end of 10 years you would have made less than €1,000 and after 20 years that would have grown to a return of €1,600. After 30 years you are still not showing a profit of more then €3,000. Nothing to get too exciting about.
  • The second column shows what inflation will do to your €7,600 if you do nothing with it. You can see that after 10 years you have lost nearly €2,000 and after 30 years you are down over €4,000.
  • The final two columns show you how your return on investment grows if you invest in solar panels. Each column shows a different rate of return depending on inflation in the price of electricity. One is a rate of inflation of 3% and the second an annual rate of inflation of 5%.
  • The third column shows you solar panel investment will break even in year 7 and by year 10 you are making a €4,288 profit. After 20 years that profit grows to €20,265 and after 30 years your profit is €41,736
  • The final columns shows the return you get if electricity inflation is 5% annually. So in this situation you would be in profit of €5,443 after 10 years, after 20 years your return on investment is €26,689 and after 30 years your profit is €61,297

You may see from this that an investment in installing solar panels makes great financial sense. You could argue that solar panel installation on your home should be part of any diverse investment portfolio.

How much energy will solar panels generate?

The chart below is a screenshot from the Solis app some of our customers use to monitor their solar panels. What you are seeing is the record of solar power generated on their roof during March 2022. As you can see it was a great month with 672.8kWh generated. This is from a 5.4kwh system, south facing and based on the Monaghan Fermanagh border. 

monthly generation
The average home in Ireland can generate up to 80% of its own electricity through solar PV panels. When you consider that the average annual electric bill amounts to almost €1100, that means you could save €880 per year!

Take our SolarSurvey by entering your Eircode into the form you see on this page and we will be able to give you an estimate of how much power you can generate on your roof all year round.

Will I get paid for excess electricity generate by my solar panels?

Yes you will.

As of February of 2022 the legislation has been passed in The Dáil that allows for the payment of what is called the Feed In Tariff for excess power generated by your panels. 

By the end of August 2022 most companies will declare how much they are going to offer to their customers who via their solar panels send electricity back into the grid.  So far the following prices have been announced , Pinergy will pay 13.5c per kWh, SSE Airtricity & Electric Ireland will pay 14c per kWh, Energia will pay 18c per kWh and Bord Gais will pay 18.5c per kWh. Flogas come out on top paying 20c per kWh.

This is another great reason why solar panels are worth it in Ireland.

We do advise our clients if possible to use as much of the power they generate in their own homes. Whatever you get paid for selling your electricity back to the grid, it will not be close to the cost you pay when you buy electricity.   Batteries are a great way to store electricity generated by your pv panels and then use it later. 

Who makes the best solar panels?

We only use the best equipment for our installations and will advise on the best choice for you. The list of solar panel manufacturers is a long one, but with any list, it can be sorted by who sells the most panels.

Copy of Top 10 website
Top 10 module manufacturers

Of course, the most is not necessarily the best. The table below is a summary of which manufacturers have appeared most frequently in the annual independent test report (2020, 2021) published by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL). Each panel tested is run through a rigorous array of industry tests to determine performance and reliability.

PVEL 2020 logo
Trina Solar✔✔✔✔✔✔
Hanwha Q Cells✔✔✔✔✔
JA Solar✔✔✔✔✔
REC Group✔✔✔✔✔

Aesthetics or performance?

Solar panels work best in bright but cold weather. As a solar panel heats up, the electrical resistance increases, reducing its efficiency.

When considering the visual appearance of a solar panel, there are three parts to consider:

  • the frame around the PV panel;
  • the PV cells on the panel;
  • the backing pad under the PV cells;

An ‘all black’ panel has all three components in black. A ‘black frame’ panel has a white backing pad. For the technical reasons above, the homeowner must make a choice between performance and aesthetics. Which would you choose?

Solar Systems Ireland
solar power system ireland

Final Answer: Yes! Solar Panels Are definitely worth it in Ireland

Energy Security

Solar PV Panels

When you install solar panels on your home, you won’t be disconnected from the Irish grid. You just won’t have to rely on it as much. The beauty of solar panels is that you are generating your own power. No matter what is going on elsewhere in the country, you’ve always got your own clean, renewable source of energy.

It also means that your energy costs are largely fixed. So no matter how oil or gas prices fluctuate with the market, most of your energy is always going to be free. Sunshine doesn’t cost a thing. And, as the price of energy increases over the years with inflation, your solar panels will actually be saving you more!

Battery for Electricity storage

Along with solar panels, you may also install a battery. This is a must-have if you want to use all the electricity you generate in your home. You see, solar power needs to be used or stored immediately as it is generated. Otherwise it is exported back to the grid. A battery gives you somewhere to store that extra energy until you need to use it.

As we have already said you can sell your excess energy back to the grid. Each different electricity provider will pay a different amount per kWh for the power you export. This fee is call the Feed In Tariff or FIT for short.

Some will decide that they do not need a battery due to the extra costs and are happy to sell any power not used back to the grid to help reduce their costs.

During a review of your solar survey data we not only discuss how much power you can generate but we also look at how you consume power. This will help you determine if you need a battery or not.

State of The Art PV Panel and Battery Hardware

If your solar system is going to give the best return on your investment it has got to be built to last. That is why we use only the best equipment for every installation. Our solar PV panels are built to last well over 25 years. And our batteries are warrantied for 10 years, but tend to function much longer than that. Beyond state of the art hardware, though, you can also count on professional installation. There is a lot that can go wrong with solar power.

Your panels need to be installed safely to avoid damaging the roof. The battery and inverter need to be properly connected to your home system. And the whole setup needs to be tied into the power grid. The good news is that when you choose SolarShare, you are choosing the experts in Solar PV Ireland trusts to get the job done right.

What About Thermal Solar Panels?


You may have heard about homeowners using thermal solar panels just for generating energy for hot water. This is a good solution if you have a very low electricity demand and very high hot water demand. Find out more on our comparison page.

However, at SolarShare, our focus is on PV panel installation. These are the systems that generate the most energy, save you the most money, and have the best impact on the environment. To learn if your home is the right choice for solar PV panels, request your free SolarSurvey today.

Service You Can Count On

No two solar panel installations in Ireland are 100% the same. Every home is unique. That’s why SolarShare prides itself on offering bespoke configurations to meet your exact needs. Some roofs have less room for panels. Others don’t need to generate as much power. And every homeowner is running on a different budget.

We find the happy point between your home and your power needs in order to create a solar system that maximizes the free energy you can generate without overburdening you with unnecessary costs.


Solar Panel Monitoring App

solar panel power generatio

One of the best parts of converting to solar power is seeing how much of an impact your choice is making. So we set you up with a solar monitoring app that you can use to keep track of exactly how your panels are performing. Through our mobile app, you can view valuable information about your energy generation and consumption.

After installation of your system, our experts will train you in how to use your monitoring app so that you can track your home’s performance anytime, anywhere.

Our app will tell you how much electricity your solar panels are generating, how much power your house is currently using, how much you are currently exporting to the grid and how much power is in your batter.

Equipped with data of your own energy use, you’ll be better informed to maximize your system’s capacity and efficiency.

You can see here that when this screenshot was taken the system was performing at 100% efficiency. 

3 Ways Solar Panels Benefit Everyone

By going solar, you are doing more than just making a smart financial investment. Every homeowner who installs solar panels is benefiting all of Ireland. Here’s how:

You bolster our economy. The majority of Ireland is powered by imported fossil fuels. Every home that generates its own power means less money going abroad to pay for this.

You protect our energy security. When we don’t have to rely as heavily on foreign fuels, we ensure reliable and affordable access to energy in the future. More domestically generated energy means less risk for Ireland Inc due to political or environmental disasters abroad that might reduce or cut off our energy supply.

You reduce our carbon footprint. Switching to solar reduces the average home’s carbon emissions by about 1 metric ton annually. That’s the equivalent of burning more than 1,000 pounds of coal. Over the lifetime of your system, you are preventing 25 metric tons or more of harmful greenhouse gasses from being released into the atmosphere. Your children and grand-children will thank you for this.

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