WeCo Lithium Battery Storage ESS 5K3 – R20

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WeCo Storage Systems use the highest quality components, including bespoke cell chemistry for maximum performance and longevity giving up to 10.000 cycles of unrivaled storage capacity.


The WeCo modular lithium battery is one of the most advanced on the market for storage in solar pv energy systems. The WeCo battery is expandable and allows to connect from 1 module of 5.3kWh to 5 modules in parallel or even to add 5 clusters of 5 modules each thanks to the WeCo HUB to reach up to 132.5kWh.

Key Features:

  • High & Low Voltage.
  • Same unit, multiple configurations.
  • Programmable as High or Low Voltage.
  • Wall mount\Floor mount.
  • Monitoring and remote update.
  • WeCo’s proprietary APP can monitor the performance of your storage system.


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