Solis RHI Inverter

Solis RHI-HV Series Hybrid Inverter

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This energy storage grid-connected inverter created by Solis is a reliable, safe and efficient product. The list of leading features this components boasts supports this claim. 24 hour intelligent energy management provides a real-time grasp of the status of your PV system. Not to mention the one-touch capabilities that keep digital power plant maintenance at your fingertips.


Avail of reliable, safe and uninterrupted power supply brought to you by this Solis hybrid inverter. High charge and discharge efficiency improves the economic benefit of the system.



  • Higher yield: real time selection of electricity consumption mode according to the market electricity price
  • High independence: can be operated off the grid
  • Higher efficiency: international leading brand components provide higher efficiency
  • Perfect switching: off-grid switching time in less than 20ms
  • Fanless design for long service life
  • The use of high-frequency isolation technology makes the system safer and longer-lasting
  • Improved BMS management for improved battery reliability
  • Peak shaving and valley filling to improve grid friendliness
  • A variety of working modes so that the spontaneous self use rate of 95% is achieved – increasing the benefit
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries
  • 5kW rated off-grid power supply capability


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