Smappee Smart Home Energy Monitor

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Smappee will turn your house into a smarter, more energy efficient home. It gives you real-time energy readings as well as costs and allows you to switch appliances on and off remotely. You’ll be able to control your home, wherever you are. Smappee gives you a real-time overview of the electricity consumption in your home. In the free app you’ll find out all about your total energy use and standby power consumption, at a glance. With a simple tap you’ll see what it costs you, in real-time.


The Smappee energy monitor is exactly what you need to transform your home into a smart home – by measuring the energy consumption of your electrical appliances and the electricity generated by your solar PV system.

Key Features:

  • Measure your electricity consumption and your electricity production
  • Analyze real-time data and get clear insights
  • Control your electrical devices anytime from anywhere
  • Compatible with Conrad Connect
  • For single phase and three phase installations
  • Free app & updates (iOS and Android)
  • Secure and anonymous data.


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