Jinko 395W - 415W

Jinko 395W – 415W Tiger Pro 54HC Mono-Facial Module

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These Jinko Tiger panels are a reliable investment for any system configuration considering the 25 year linear power warranty and 0.55% degradation over 25 years; guaranteeing a consistent power performance. These solar panels are designed for better light trapping and current collection to improve power output and reliability. Combining this feature with a reduced hot spot loss characteristic that optimises the electrical design and lowers the operating current for a better temperature coefficient. Nonetheless – a product fit for the Irish climate, with its high salt mist and ammonia resistance; resulting in high performance during bad weather.


A common trend among the Jinko range of panels is their ability to withstand the elements specifically withstanding up to (2,400 pascal) wind and (5,400) snow.

A logical investment for your PV system considering the unpredictable Irish climate it will inevitably be exposed to. These panels also boast a reduced hot spot loss feature.

Key Features:

  • Multi Busbar Technology
  • Durability against extreme environmental conditions
  • Reduced hot spot loss
  • Enhanced mechanical load – certified to withstand wind load (2,400 pascal) and snow load (5,400 pascal)
  • Excellent PID resistance resulting in an Anti-PID performance guarantee via optimised mass-production process and materials control
  • Occupational health and safety managements systems ISO45001: 2018
  • Environmental management system ISO14001: 2015
  • Quality management system ISO9001: 2015


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