Jinko 385-405W Tiger N-Type All Black

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Jinko Tiger pv panels embrace the some of the leading technical innovations in solar panel manufacture to give a high efficiency, high output panels with industry leading warranties. These panels offer a sleek black mono panel as well as a number of technical characteristics that make them stand out.


The Jinko Tiger Mono-Facial All Black uses all new N-Type technology. This technology has extremely low light induced degradation (LID) performance compared to the traditional P-Type. By adding TR Technology with Half Cell, it eliminates the cell gap and increased the module efficiency up to 20.69%.

Key Features:

  • Efficiency: 20.69%
  • Peak power Wp: 385W to 405W
  • Voltage at peak power: Vmp: 37.91V
  • Max open circuit voltage Voc: 45.52V
  • Current at peak power: 10.42A
  • Max short circuit current Isc: 11.00A
  • Weight: 20.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 1855 x 1029 x 30mm
  • Product warranty: 25 years
  • Warranty on output: 30 years


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