HUAWEI Smart PV Optimiser SUN2000 – 450W – P

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The Smart PV optimiser  is a DC-DC converter that is mounted on the back of the solar panels of a photovoltaic installation. With the  Huawei SUN2000-450W-P  you will manage the maximum MPP power point of each solar module to improve the energy performance of the PV system and perform functions such as power off and management of solar modules.


The Huawei Optimiser suits up to 450Wp panels. It can be installed in both portrait or landscape. The MPP voltage range has a wider range and the maximum DC current is high.

Key Features:

  • One optimiser fits all application scenarios.
  • Up to 30% more energy by optimising each module’s performance.
  • Lower BoS cost & higher oversizing with long string design.
  • Module level voltage shutdown for safe installation and maintenance.
  • Support PINpoint Arc Fault Positioning.
  • Selective Deployment – only optimise panels affected by shading.
  • Sub 0.1% failure rate – significantly lower than some competing brands. 
  • Module-level voltage shutdown (0Vdc shutdown level) for safe installation and maintenance.
  • 50% of the size & weight of competing products.
  • <1.5 min Pairing with Inverter.
  • <5s Module Auto-Mapping.


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