Growatt SPH 3000~6000TL BL-UP

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The Growatt hybrid inverter SPH6000 is ideal for new installation and the retrofitting of an existing solar panel system. It has a high level of protection IP65, more durable and flexible for installation and multiple programmable work modes. The EPS output can even provide back-up supply during the absence of the network.


The Growatt SPH series is perfectly suited to meet the electricity demand of a private home, as a good residential storage solution.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use: Local graphic LCD display and four buttons, easier to operate LCD display. Compact design for easy installation
  • Reliable: IP65 degree of protection, best lifetime warranty. Natural cooling, no additional fans. Built-in backup function, transfer time in 0.5 s
  • Flexible: Solution ready for storage, you can add the battery later. Dynamic power control. Programmable charging and discharging time and power
  • Improved security: Intelligent online service along with system operation. Intelligent battery management ensures battery safety. Complete protection for the entire system


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