GoodWe EH: 5kW-6kW Single Phase (HV Battery)

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GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer and is listed as a public limited company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390).
With an accumulative delivery of more than two million inverters and installation of 23GW in more than 100 countries and regions, GoodWe solar inverters have been used in residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility scale systems and range from 0.7kW to 250kW.


The GoodWe EH Series is a single-phase, grid-tied solar inverter specially designed for use with high-voltage batteries in the home. The inverter features a “Battery Ready” option for users who might wish to eventually acquire a full energy storage solution; by simply purchasing an activation code, the EH can easily be upgraded to a complete ESS system. The communication cables come pre-wired, reducing installation time significantly and the Plug & Play AC connector also makes operation and maintenance significantly more convenient.
The EH is compatible with high voltage batteries (85-450V) and can automatically switch to back-up mode in less than 0.01s (UPS level), ensuring that critical loads experience no interruption. With a power deviation lower than 20W, this inverter is designed to maximise self-consumption. In addition, the fact that it takes less than 9 seconds to switch from grid to Solar PV to supply power for heavy loads helps users avoid expensive intakes from the grid.

Key Features:

  • 180~600V Wide Battery Voltage Range
    Compatible with various high voltage batteries and offers flexibility and affordability to fulfil various customer demands.
  • 98.0 % Maximum System Efficiency
    Due to GoodWe’s cutting-edge patented technology, combined with high voltage batteries, the system’s efficiency can reach up to 98.2%, fully making use of solar energy.
  • Fanless Design Quiet Operation
    The Fan-less design does not only ensure a longer lifespan for the non-stop working inverter, but also creates a quiet operating atmosphere for daily life.


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