Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus

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The single-phase Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter is the ideal core for private PV systems. The Fronius GEN24 Plus offers an integrated basic backup power supply with PV Point and even a full backup power solution through the option of connecting a battery storage system.

The Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter enables energy self-sufficiency for electricity, heating, cooling and e-mobility with the use of a battery system. This means that the Fronius GEN24 Plus with Full Backup has a backup power solution that can even supply 3-phase loads, such as heat pumps. What’s more, the Multi Flow Technology lets the hybrid inverter supply parallel energy flows in the system, even in backup power mode.


Introducing the Fronius Primo Gen24 Inverter – Powering Your Solar Future

Unlock the full potential of your solar energy system with the Fronius Primo Gen24 inverter, a cutting-edge solution that redefines efficiency, versatility, and sustainability in the world of solar power generation. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to harness clean energy or a business owner seeking to reduce operational costs, the Primo Gen24 offers the perfect blend of innovation and reliability.

Key Features:

1. Multi-Flow Technology: The Fronius Primo Gen24 sets itself apart with its groundbreaking Multi-Flow Technology, which enables you to optimize your energy usage like never before. This innovative feature allows you to direct surplus solar energy to various energy flows, including self-consumption, battery storage, and grid export, all simultaneously. Say goodbye to energy waste and hello to increased energy independence.

2. Built for the Future: Designed with tomorrow in mind, the Primo Gen24 is fully equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities of the evolving energy landscape. Its future-proof capabilities enable seamless integration with energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and smart home automation, making it a versatile choice for forward-thinking homeowners and businesses.

3. Superior Efficiency: Maximize your energy production with the Primo Gen24’s market-leading efficiency ratings. Its advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithms ensure that your solar panels are operating at their peak performance, even in varying weather conditions, so you get the most out of every ray of sunlight.

4. Unmatched Reliability: Fronius has a proven track record for delivering durable and reliable inverters, and the Primo Gen24 is no exception. With its robust build quality and advanced cooling technology, this inverter is built to withstand the test of time and provide you with uninterrupted solar power for years to come.

5. Intuitive Monitoring: Stay connected to your solar system with ease using Fronius Solar.web monitoring. Track your energy production, consumption, and storage levels in real-time through the user-friendly app or web interface. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions about your energy usage and savings.

6. Sleek and Compact Design: The Primo Gen24’s sleek and compact design ensures it seamlessly blends into your home or commercial space. Its unobtrusive appearance and quiet operation mean you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without any disruption to your daily life.

7. Eco-Friendly: Join the movement towards a greener future by reducing your carbon footprint. The Fronius Primo Gen24 helps you achieve your sustainability goals by harnessing clean, renewable energy and minimizing reliance on fossil fuels.


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