Smappee EV Wall

The Smappee EV Wall is a wall-mounted smart EV charging station with one connector. Thanks to the integrated Smappee Infinity technology it ensures autonomous overload protection and optimised selfconsumption. Receive detailed insights on your energy usage and production, the charging process and costs via the App and Dashboard. The EV Wall is easy to install with simple cable configuration and installation wizard. The integrated LED lighting indicates charging status. It comes with a fixed cable or socket. Charging sessions can be started and stopped via QR code, RFID and smart EV schedules. Key Features: Options for single-phase ( 1 x

Smappee Smart Home Energy Monitor

The Smappee energy monitor is exactly what you need to transform your home into a smart home – by measuring the energy consumption of your electrical appliances and the electricity generated by your solar PV system. Key Features: Measure your electricity consumption and your electricity production Analyze real-time data and get clear insights Control your electrical devices anytime from anywhere Compatible with Conrad Connect For single phase and three phase installations Free app & updates (iOS and Android) Secure and anonymous data.