Jinko 395W - 415W

Jinko 395W – 415W Tiger Pro 54HC Mono-Facial Module

A common trend among the Jinko range of panels is their ability to withstand the elements specifically withstanding up to (2,400 pascal) wind and (5,400) snow. A logical investment for your PV system considering the unpredictable Irish climate it will inevitably be exposed to. These panels also boast a reduced hot spot loss feature. Key Features: Multi Busbar Technology Durability against extreme environmental conditions Reduced hot spot loss Enhanced mechanical load – certified to withstand wind load (2,400 pascal) and snow load (5,400 pascal) Excellent PID resistance resulting in an Anti-PID performance guarantee via optimised mass-production process and materials control

Jinko 375W-395W Mono Half-Cell BF

The TR and 9BB technologies associated with these panels aims to reduce the cell gaps to increase module efficiency and decrease the distance between bus bars and the finger grid line – contributing to power increase. Key Features: TR technology + Half Cell TR technology with Half cell aims to eliminate the cell gap to increase module efficiency (mono-facial up to 19.91%) 9BB instead of 5BB 9BB technology decreases the distance between bus bars and finger grid line which is benefit to power increase POWER YIELD Higher lifetime Power Yield 2.5% first year degradation 0.6% linear degradation

Jinko 385-405W Tiger N-Type All Black

The Jinko Tiger Mono-Facial All Black uses all new N-Type technology. This technology has extremely low light induced degradation (LID) performance compared to the traditional P-Type. By adding TR Technology with Half Cell, it eliminates the cell gap and increased the module efficiency up to 20.69%. Key Features: Efficiency: 20.69% Peak power Wp: 385W to 405W Voltage at peak power: Vmp: 37.91V Max open circuit voltage Voc: 45.52V Current at peak power: 10.42A Max short circuit current Isc: 11.00A Weight: 20.8 kg Dimensions: 1855 x 1029 x 30mm Product warranty: 25 years Warranty on output: 30 years