Growatt ARK LV 2.5L – 25.6L Battery

The Growatt ARK battery system has a modular design. Extra batteries can be stacked on top of eachother. The ARK-2.5L-A1 has a capacity of 2.56kWh and a maximum (dis)charge current of 25A. The nominal voltage is 51,2V and the operating voltage is between 47,2V and 56,8V. The lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) is free of cobalt, for example resulting in a less costly battery. The battery has a cycle life of over 6000. The battery has a protection rating of IP65 and can be attached to a wall as well as placed on the floor. Key Features: Flexible capacity options,

Growatt GBLI6532 Lithium Battery

The Growatt GBLI6532 battery has a capacity of 6.5kWh. It is a low voltage battery which has a nominal voltage of 48VDC. This battery can be expanded to a maximum of 8 pieces in total, which means 52kWh of capacity. Compared to normal batteries, Growatt lithium batteries are characterized by better discharge charging and performance, longer cycle life and less loss of self-discharge. The built-in BMS can monitor the operating status of the lithium battery and alarm in time to prevent off-limit operation. Growatt lithium batteries can be connected in parallel to expand the power and power of the energy

Growatt SPH 3000~6000TL BL-UP

The Growatt SPH series is perfectly suited to meet the electricity demand of a private home, as a good residential storage solution. Key Features: Easy to use: Local graphic LCD display and four buttons, easier to operate LCD display. Compact design for easy installation Reliable: IP65 degree of protection, best lifetime warranty. Natural cooling, no additional fans. Built-in backup function, transfer time in 0.5 s Flexible: Solution ready for storage, you can add the battery later. Dynamic power control. Programmable charging and discharging time and power Improved security: Intelligent online service along with system operation. Intelligent battery management ensures battery