Fronius Primo Gen24 Plus

Introducing the Fronius Primo Gen24 Inverter – Powering Your Solar Future Unlock the full potential of your solar energy system with the Fronius Primo Gen24

JA Solar panels

JA Solar 390W-415W Mono Half-Cell BF

Using high-efficiency 11BB perc battery combined with battery cutting and half cell technology, these panels have higher output power. Therefore, effectively reducing the cost of

Trina Solar Vertex S 385W

Trina Solar Vertex S 385W

These all black Trina Solar panels have an outstanding visual appearance. Designed with aesthetics in mind, with ultra-thin, virtually invisible busbars. Key Features: Small in

Trina Solar Vertex S panels

Trina Solar Vertex S 400W

Highly reliable Trina Solar panels! The small form factor associated with these panels contributes to generating a huge amount of energy, even in limited space.

Huawei Backup Box 1-phase

The Huawei backup box is suitable for residential rooftop PV systems. It can be mounted on concrete walls using the expansion bolts provided. The backup

BYD Battery-Box L 3.5kWh-14.0kWh LV

The Battery-Box LV is a 48V battery with a flexible and modular design with no cables inside. One Battey-Box LV contains up to 4 battery modules B-Plus L