Solar PV & EV chargers

Start saving today by generating your own renewable electricity. Find out how our Solar PV products help you on your journey to zero-carbon living!
A Guaranteed Safe Investment

A Guaranteed Safe Investment

We custom design every system to ensure optimum performance for your home.

Energy of the Future

Energy of the Future

Our specialist knowledge ensures that you rely less on the grid and gain more from your PV system.

Join a Community

Join a Community

As the old proverb says, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Join us on the journey to zero-carbon living.

What are you buying when you buy a Solar PV system?

Solar PV Packages

Our customised systems are configured in order to cater to varying roof sizes and energy demands. 



6 Panels


No Battery

Ideal for homes with electricity demand below the national average or limited roof space.


after claiming €1,800 SEAI grant
  • Standard power output of 2.3kWp
  • Standard 6-panel system
  • Includes Inverter
  • Solar generation: ~2,000kWh (~50% of the national average)


12 Panels



Great for homes with electricity needs above the national average. Optimised to maximise return on investment while reducing your carbon footprint.


after claiming €3,000 SEAI grant
  • High power output of 4.6kWp
  • High-end 12-panel system
  • Includes Inverter
  • 5kWh Battery
  • Solar Generation: ~4,200kWh


18 Panels



Maximum self- sufficiency and self- consumption for high energy households. Ideal for homes aiming for zero-carbon with electric vehicle and heat-pump.


after claiming €3,000 SEAI grant
  • High power output of 6.8kWp
  • Top of the range 18-panel system
  • Includes Inverter
  • 10 kWh Battery
  • Solar Generation: ~6,200kWh
All prices include VAT
Do you need customisation?

If you need a custom system tailored for your household energy consumption, let us know. Our experts are happy to help you.

SolarShare’s approach to solar system design comes from many years of experience integrating Tier 1 components.

From the best Solar Panels Ireland to inverters to best-in-class batteries, maximising solar generation and consumption for the next generation (20 years) is always our design objective.

At SolarShare, we have carefully selected Solar PV panels and energy storage battery manufacturers that will stand the test of time. Systems are configured in order to cater to varying roof sizes and energy demands. Compare SolarShare models to see which model is best suited to your home and budget.

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