Installing solar panels on your home is not a trivial matter.

Apart from the financial cost of the installation it is a complicated and technical endeavour requiring specific skills and training.

Choosing the right solar panel installer is key to you having 25 years of hassel free power generation on your roof.

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We all heard the same. This was flagged by the Government at the start of last year. Fortunately, SEAI has recently released documents that outlines the incremental reduction of the grant over the coming years until 2028. For more information visit SEAI Grant.

No, if you secure the grant you will have 8 months from when your application is approved to decided if you are going to move forward and have panels installed.

If you do not use the grant within the 8 months period then it simply lapses.

Due to the impending reductions associated with the SEAI grant, we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible. €2,400 makes a big contribution to the upfront costs of solar panels and you don’t want to miss out.

It’s very quick, normally you will get approval within 24 – 48 hours of the application.

No, surprisingly this is a very straight forward application:

  • Your MPRN number, this is an 11 digit number on the top right of your electricity bill;
  • The size of the system you’re installing in kWh, you will have a better understanding of this information after completing the SolarSurvey;
  • An answer to the question – are you going to have a battery as part of the installation? you will have the information necessary to make this decision in the SolarSurvey;
  • The name of your certified installer, SolarShare is certified to do this work.


You will also need to provide The SEAI with your bank information for payment.

That’s the extent of the process!

Once the install is completed, we take care of the rest for you. We supply the SEAI with all the follow-up documentation and information required to successfully process your grant application. 

No, you do not. We will organise a BER contractor to come to you home and access it’s BER rating. 

The cost is covered in your installation fee with SolarShare. 

Once you fill in the form we can get to work!

The key information on the form is your Eircode. We use that to find your house on Google Maps.

This gives us a view of your roof which allows us to:

  • Analyse the size of your roof and establish how many panels can be installed;
  • We can see if any part of your roof is in shade – the less shade, the better;
  • We can see how your roof is orientated to the sun.

We take this information and input it into some sophisticated software we have. This will tell us how much electricity your roof can generate.  

This information combined with the information you supply regarding your current electricity spend will allow us to calculate how much you will save on your electricity bills. 

We investigate multiple scenarios. We will bring you information based on different panel configurations and how the numbers work with or without a battery.

The SolarSurvey is followed by a consultation call with you. Together, based on your budget and ambitions we come up with the configuration that works best for you.

This approach takes a bit of time. The effort involved reflects the fact that this is a significant purchase on your behalf.

Our objectives in this are simple. 

We aim to ensure you have & understand all the information you need to ensure you make the best decision for your home.

Considering these panels could be on your roof for 25 years, we are sure you will agree this is time & effort very well spent.

The SolarSurvey is completely free and without any obligation on your part to buy solar panels from us. 

Sometimes your solar power system will generate more power than your house requires.

Currently, in this case the excess electricity generated by your solar power system goes back into the grid for free.

It has been proposed that the grant will be operate along side the new Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) scheme. This new scheme will provide homeowners with a fee for the excess electricity they generate and subsequently export back to the grid.

How much that fee will be is currently unknown. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator. In a recent consultation the CRU published, they are proposing that your energy supplier sets the price they will pay, as long as it’s greater than zero.

In the UK, they pay a fee of about 5 cent per kW.  

If we adapt a similar fee structure here, it may not be the most beneficial use of the electricity you generate.

Remember you are probably paying your electricity provider about 22 cent per kW at the moment. Therefore, as soon as you export your excess electricity, it will lose more than two-thirds of its value. As electricity prices continue to increase, the loss of value will also increase.

It is best to consume as much of the electricity you generate as possible. Therefore, you import and export as little as possible from/to the grid.

Useful options to help you achieve this include having a battery or using a diverter to heat your water.

After taking the SolarSurvey you will know exactly how to get the most out of the electricity you generate.

Our strong advice is to secure the grant now and then in the future – get paid for excess electricity you generate and feed back into the grid.

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