Solar Panels Wicklow

Operating in Wicklow now for many years SolarShare Limited has many happy clients here who are using solar panels to generate electricity.

You can see on the map of Ireland the potential County Wicklow has for generating electricity using solar power. The darkerareaa on the map along the east have best potential for solar power generation.

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solar panels ireland

It is no surprise to us here at SolarShare that Wicklow is to the fore in promoting sustainable tourism in Ireland.

The primary purpose of Wicklow Mountains National Park is the conservation of biodiversity and landscape, a job it excels at. Well worth a visit.

And if a trip to park gives you a thirst Wicklow can help quench that thirst in a sustainable and eco friendly way. First of all, you could try some local wine from Wicklow Wines. Made from sustainably grown berries not grapes this will certainly tickle the taste buds.

Beer may be more to your taste and if so Wicklow can offer Wicklow Wolf, a local beer brewing company. As they say themselves, they are locally rooted and at one with nature, brewing beers in a sustainable way.

If you are more interested in doing it yourself and want to learn how to grow in a sustainable way, then Carraig Dular Organic Farm will be of interest to you. It offers a permaculture design courses to give you the skills required to grow in a sustainable way.

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