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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Tipperary is well-positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels.

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Tipperary’s sun-kissed landscapes are now not only a feast for the eyes but also a source of clean energy! Tipperary, a picturesque county in Ireland, is embracing renewable energy with open arms.

Overall Solar Development in Tipperary:

Lisbrien Solar Farm Situated in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Spans 8.3 hectares of agricultural land. Solar Panels: The farm boasts 22,500 square meters of solar panels mounted on steel frames. Includes two electricity control cabins, four inverter units (to convert current from DC to AC), underground cable ducts, hardstanding areas, a boundary security fence, site entrance, landscaping, and CCTV. Once fully operational, it will generate a maximum of up to 4.96 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity, which will be exported to the national grid

Approximately 14 ground-mounted solar farms have been permitted in the county, covering a total capacity of 117 MW. These solar farms are part of Tipperary’s commitment to sustainable energy and making a positive contribution to Ireland’s renewable energy requirements.

Other Solar Farm Proposals:Derrymore Solar Farm: A proposed 140-acre solar farm near Roscrea, currently awaiting a decision from An Bord Pleanála. Donohill Solar Farm: An application for a 70-hectare solar farm in West Tipperary was refused by Tipperary County Council.


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