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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Roscommon is well-positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels.

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Sliabh Bawn Solar Farm: Located near Strokestown, Sliabh Bawn Solar Farm is one of the largest solar farms in Ireland. It covers approximately 82 hectares and has a capacity of 20 megawatts. This solar farm contributes to the renewable energy goals of County Roscommon. If you’re curious about the journey of Sliabh Bawn Solar Farm, there’s a short film that captures its progress. You can watch it on the Coillte website.

Cloncannon Solar Farm: Cloncannon Solar Farm is located near Shannonbridge in County Roscommon. With an area of about 25 hectares, this solar farm has a capacity of around 5 megawatts. It is a notable contributor to the renewable energy portfolio of the region. When you visit, slow down, and immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape. Listen to birdsong melodies, smell wildflowers, and appreciate the river ecosystem of life. Cloncannon Biofarm offers a unique connection to nature and a glimpse into sustainable practices

These solar farms represent efforts to harness solar energy for electricity generation in County Roscommon, contributing to renewable energy targets and reducing carbon emissions. 

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