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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Laois is well-positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels.

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Investing in solar panels in County Laois, Ireland, can be a favourable decision depending on various factors such as the amount of sunlight received in the area, government incentives for renewable energy, electricity prices, and the upfront cost of installation. Generally, Ireland has a moderate climate with a reasonable amount of sunlight, making it suitable for solar energy generation. Additionally, there may be SEAIhome-energy grants or incentives available to encourage the adoption of solar power, which can enhance the financial viability of solar panel investments. 

some notable solar farms in County Laois, Ireland:

  1. Ballyspillane West Solar Farm Limited: Located at 19 Ormond Road South, Dublin, this solar farm is developed by Terra SolarTerra Solar is a leading player in solar energy development in Ireland, contributing to the country’s renewable energy efforts and energy independence1. Although it’s not directly in Laois, it’s worth mentioning due to its significance in the field.

  2. Elgin Energy Services Ltd Solar Farm: This large-scale solar farm is situated on the Laois-Offaly border near Portarlington. Covering a total area of 86.7 hectares, it features photovoltaic panels mounted on ground steel frames, along with associated cabling and ducting. The project also includes single-storey inverter stations, storage containers, perimeter fencing, security gates, and pole-mounted CCTV cameras. The solar farm has a proposed operational period of 40 years

  3. Timahoe and Stradbally Solar Farm: This project, proposed by a Belfast-based developer, aims to construct a 76 megawatt solar farm near Timahoe and Stradbally in Laois. If realized, it could meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 22,000 homes.

  4. East Laois Solar Farm Extension: This 25MW solar PV power project is planned for Laois. Currently, in the permitting stage, it will be developed in a single phase.

These solar farms contribute significantly to Ireland’s renewable energy landscape, harnessing the power of the sun to create a more sustainable future

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