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On the east coast of Ireland, Dublin is well located to harness the power of the sun using solar panels. This can been seen on the map of Ireland showing the potential of solar power generation. The darker colours along the East Coast demonstrates the best areas do if you are based in Dublin you are in luck.

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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Carlow is well positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels. The darker colours along the east coast are the best areas.

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Dublin Home – Return on your Solar Panel Investment

No matter how big or small your solar panel system will be it is still a significant financial investment. Your solar panels are an investment and they will produce a return for a house based in Dublin. How does that compare to your other option of just leaving the money in the bank. How long will it take for you to see a return on that investment.

The graphic you see above shows the figure for a 4kWh system that would cost €10,000 when installed on a Dublin home. We make some assumptions in relation to the cost of power, the amount of electricity been generated by the panels and then used in the home as well as power generated by the panels and exported to the grid. There is no battery as part of this system.

As we have installed many systems around Dublin we also build in some assumptions on the power it can generate.

The first thing to note is while the system these figures are based on cost €10,000 , it will only cost €7,600 once you the SEAI grant is taken into account.

    • The first column shows you what would have happened if you did nothing and left your €7,600 in the bank just earning interest. At the end of 10 years you would have made just €762 in profit and after 20 years that would have grown to a return of €1,600. After 30 years you are still not showing a profit of more then €3,000. Nothing to write home about.

    • The second column shows what inflation will do to your €7,600 if you did nothing with. You can see that after 10 years you have lost nearly €2,000 and after 30 years you are down over €4,000. Not a great strategy. We have not used the current inflation rates for this calculation as we hope the current rate of nearly 10% will soon return to more normal rates over the upcoming months and years.

    • The final two columns show you how your return on investment grows if you invest in solar panels. Each column shows a different rate of return depending on inflation in the price of electricity. One is a rate of inflation of 3% and the second an annual rate of inflation of 5%.

    • The third column shows you solar panel investment will break even in year 7 and by year 10 you are making a €4,288 profit. After 20 years that profit grows to €20,265 and after 30 years your profit is €41,736

    • The final columns shows the return you get if electricity inflation is 5% annually. So in this situation you would be in profit of €5,443 after 10 years, after 20 years your return on investment is €26,689 and after 30 years your profit is €61,297

You may see from this that an investment in installing solar panels makes great financial sense. You could argue that solar panel installation on your home should be part of any diverse investment portfolio.

Solar Panels Dublin Case Study

Noel from Skerries Co. Dublin approached us around August 2021, looking to add solar panels to his roof. After taking our SolarSurvey to calculate his roofs generation capabilities and reviewing Noels energy usage, it was agreed that a 2.5kW system would meet Noels demands. Therefore, a seven panel system would generate the required amount of electricity.

When designing the layout of the panels, we used our software system to determine the position of the panels that optimised electricity generation. The structure of Noels roof also influenced the layout. The final result was 3 panels on the South/South-East facing section and 4 on the South/South-West facing section of his roof. This ensured Noels panels would generate electricity continuously throughout the day as the sun tracks across the sky.

To maximise the benefits of the power being generated by the panels, it was agreed to also install an Eddie diverter. When the solar panels are generating excess power that is not being consumed, the Eddie will immediately divert that power to heat the water.

Solar panels Dublin

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Dublin a thriving location for Solar Panels

Many businesses in Co. Dublin are doing their bit to support renewables and a more sustainable lifecycle in general.

Dublin Airport has 256 solar panels installed on top of its reservoir system. Concrete production is a big producer of greenhouse gases. ECO Cement located in Dublin is looking to tackle this with its new concrete products that produce much less carbon in production.

Dublin Zoo runs many courses on sustainable living and conservation and while visiting the zoo you may choose to stay in the Iveagh Garden Hotel; which thanks to its many innovations, can justify the title of Europe’s first sustainable hotel.

As more and more Dublin homes look to harness the power of Solar Electricity, SolarShare Limited will continue to provide expertise and advice to homeowners in the Dublin area from our location in Sandyford.

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