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The map of Ireland on this page clearly shows the potential for solar power generation in Ireland and that County Cork is well-positioned to use the power of the sun using solar panels.

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Eli Lilly and Company an American pharmaceutical to reduce its annual electricity consumption from carbon sources have developed a Solar Farm in Kinsale. Developed as a joint venture by Eli Lilly and Company and Enerpower, it consists of 12,600 individual solar panels. The ground-mounted solar farm produces up to 5.6 MW of power, significantly contributing to the energy needs of the Lilly plant at its Dunderrow site.

Upcoming Solar Farms in County Cork: Kilmoney in Carrigaline is the first site identified for development. Additionally, four other sites are expected to be operational in Inniscarra, Kanturk, Mallow, and Whitechurch. These solar farms will be built in phases, with a total of nearly 20 solar farms planned by 202623.

Solar energy initiatives like these play a crucial role in transitioning toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future and a positive sign to domestic, commercial and Farming installers.

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