Micro-generation Scheme

Is the SEAI Solar PV Grant Ending Soon? Micro-generation Support Scheme

Driven by an EU directive, a new support scheme is currently being developed to encourage greater adoption of low-carbon electricity generation by home and business owners using technologies like solar panels in Ireland. The public consultation for the scheme that took place in February is currently under review. The scheme, which will replace the current pilot scheme offering a grant of up to €3000, is expected to commence in July of 2021 according to the consultation. However, a date is yet to be confirmed by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications. What is micro-generation?  According to, micro-generation is

electric car

Can you get an electric car charger at home?

Installing a home charging unit is the most convenient and cost-effective method of charging your electric vehicle. According to the SEAI, a full overnight charge for an electric car can cost as little as €3 using night rate electricity.