Solar Panel Installation – How to get it right

Installing solar panels on your home is not a trivial matter.

Apart from the financial cost of the installation, it is a very complicated and technical endeavour requiring very specific skills and training.

You will need roofers, scaffolders and electricians specifically trained on solar installations.

Typically, your local electrician doesn’t do this kind of work because of the challenges involved.

Think about it: You are installing a power generating & possibly storage system in your home.

Over the months and years, megawatts of electricity are going to be generated, possibly stored in a battery, and then fed into your home and the grid from this system.

From a health and safety, financial and pure peace of mind perspective you want this done 100% right.

Choosing the right company to install your solar panel system is key to you having 25 years of hassle free power generation on your roof.

As I am sure you are aware, there has been an explosion in interest from home owners in installing solar panels to save money and help the climate. There has also been a corresponding explosion of providers offering solar panel installation services.

So how to pick a good one?

Here are some criteria & questions you can use to help you make the right choice& 

What to look for in a solar panel installation company?

Expertise and Experience

  • Certification and Licenses
  • Quality of Components
  • Warranty and Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Positive Reviews and References
  • Full Service Offering
  • Transparant Pricing

Steeped in Solar – Experience Matters

  • What experience do the solar panel installers have, how many installations have they done, are they experienced
  • Are the solap panel installers contractors or directly hired by the solar pv company..

Hardware & Software you can trust

  • There are many parts to a solar panel system such as panels, inverters or batteries etc. Despite at times supply chain issues that might slow installation down, always use quality components that are proven to last. Never compromise quality for speed.
  • Check out the warranteies. You will get peace of mind knowing all of your components have excellent warranties of up to 25 years in some cases.

After sale service as good as the solar installation

  • Most solar installations comes with some sort of an installation warranty. Any issues related to their workmanship will be resolved quickly. Issues related to manufacturer’s hardware requires their cooperation, hence the importance of your pv company having long-established relationships with them and their support teams;
  • Do they  have a dedicated and trained support desk available to all of their  customers;
  • Is System performance is monitored regularly and is an  annual review normally carried out;

The best system at the best price for your location

  • No two homes are the same, different roof types & orientation to the sun, different energy usage & different budgets.  Is your solar pv installer offing a survey and follow on consultation of your location. This  will ensure you get the system most suitable to your circumstances.
  • During your consultations do they take the time to ensure you understand all the choices you have in the installation and any costs associated with those choices. Never let yourself be rushed.
  • Follow our guide to get your grant application pre-approved. Once your solar panel system is installed, will your installer provide the information required by SEAI so they can continue to process the application to final payment.

What to do next?

Click on the link above and we will organise 3 solar pv Quotes for your from very reputable conpanies. 

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