SEAI Grants 2022: Solar Panel Grant Ireland | A bittersweet update from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

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A bittersweet update from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as we move into a new phase of domestic solar PV.

Back in October 2021, we published a blog post on the highly anticipated changes to the SEAI grants reportedly coming into affect in 2022.

If you haven’t read this post, we strongly recommend you take the time to do so. You will learn about the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) scheme set to be introduced this year; with the primary objective of compensating homeowners for the clean energy they produce and subsequently export back to the grid. These payments are now in operation but price around as how much is paid for the electricity you export can vary quite a bit depending on who you use as your electricity provider.

Additionally, you will become familiar with ESB Networks Smart Meter rollout and how this relates to the CEG scheme.

Nevertheless, the time has come to draw attention to the recent changes SEAI have announced regarding their solar PV grants.

SEAI battery grant removed

Battery Grant Removal

Unfortunately, by the end of Tuesday February 15th 2022, homeowners will no longer have grant support from the SEAI when purchasing a battery. Considering the introduction of the CEG scheme, SEAI have decided to pull the plug on their battery grant.

In a statement released earlier this month, the SEAI said “support for battery installations will be removed as in future homeowners will be able to avail of the Clean Energy Guarantee offered by Energy Suppliers”.

Consequently, the grant offering from SEAI of up to €3,000 will reduce to up to €2,400 by the end of February 15th 2022. The SEAI has reassured homeowners and relevant parties that existing battery applications and any battery application submitted before the end of February 15th 2022 will be eligible for the battery grant.

If when reading this it is still not past the deadline for including a battery in your grant applicatoin and you have received, or are waiting for, a proposal with a battery from SolarShare, we recommend you register for the grant immediately. Follow our Step-by-Step application guide that will simplify the process for you and ensure you’re registered before the deadline.

By applying for your grant now and nominating SolarShare as your installer, you will safeguard the grant for 8 months without an obligation to proceed. Rest assured you will have the opportunity to make changes to your proposal if necessary.

SEAI grant savings

Solar PV Grant for Newer Homes

On the other hand, the changes regarding the SEAI grants aren’t all bad. In fact, overall, the changes are quite positive. The requirement for homes to be built before 2011 is set to be updated.

As of Tuesday February 15th 2022, homeowners with a house built and occupied up to the 31st of December 2020 will be eligible to apply for the SEAI grants. This update is a welcome change for thousands of homeowners across the country as it now makes solar PV a viable option.

If you’re a homeowner that becomes eligible for the grant due to this update; check out our blog posts to understand if solar PV is the right option for you. If I may, I’d like to recommend Do solar panels work on a cloudy day? and Are solar panels worth it in Ireland? to start your journey.

SEAI grants update - BER requirement removed

BER Requirement Lifted

Thankfully, the requirement to have a minimum C BER rating is being lifted. Homeowners excluded to this point because their BER rating is too low will be eligible for the PV grant from Tuesday February 15th onwards.

Once again, SEAI have made solar PV a viable option for more homeowners by making their grants available to a larger cohort of people.

Homeowners striving to improve their BER rating and ultimately reduce the price of their bills can now give a stronger consideration to solar PV.

seai solar pv grant

To recap, if you qualify for the grant under the existing regime (up to February 15th 2022) and have received or are waiting on a proposal with a battery, apply (Step-by-Step Guide) for the grant before Tuesday (February 15th 2022).

If you don’t qualify for the grant under the existing regime, you could well qualify under the new scheme. Homes built and occupied up to the 31st of December 2020 are now eligible for the grant, and the minimum C BER rating no longer applies. Seize the opportunity!

SEAI Grant for Solar Panels

So lets see how you get the maximum grant post these new updates.

  • The maximum grant you can now get is €2400
  • You can get €900 per kW installed up the a maximum of 2kW. So the limit here is €1,800
  • You can get €300 per kW installed for the next 2kW if a battery is also installed, so the limit here is €600
  • So if your system is at least 4KW then you can qualify for the full grant of €2400

The grant application is very easy and straight forward, you normally get an answer to your application in 24 to 48 hours. If you are awarded the grant you can sit on it for 6 months before taking action.

Once your panels are installed Solar Share will deal with all of the paper work associated with drawing down the grant. You normally only have to wait a few weeks to see the grant money in your bank account after the install is completed.

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