The SEAI grant, Is Everyone Eligible?

The short answer is, unfortunately not.

SEAI Grant

As stated on their website, the SEAI grant is only available if you’re home was built and occupied before 2011 and where SEAI have not previously provided support for solar PV system at that address.

After your solar PV system has been installed, it must also achieve at least a BER C energy performance rating.

Since 2009, a BER certificate must be supplied when offering a property for sale or rent, in line with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations.

If you have a BER certificate for your home, then checking the impact of installing a solar PV system should be relatively straight forward, as it just means updating it.

If you haven’t a BER certificate for your home, then one must be completed.

In any case, SEAI require an updated BER certificate to be included with all grant claims.

How SolarShare Can Help You With the SEAI Grant

SolarShare will organise an update to your BER certificate as part of our installation service. However, if you haven’t had one before, then there is an additional cost to obtain the new certificate.

And while you’re here, why not see how much you could start saving the moment you turn on your new solar system at home. It’s easy to ‘Get a Free Quote‘ or book a 15 minute ‘Online Roof Demo’ with one of our solar energy consultants to get a detailed savings estimate customised for your home:

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