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How many CT clamps are required for the zappi to work with the solar panels and be able to prioritise between charging the battery and the ev?

The short answer is that the EV charger (Zappi) and solar battery charger (Huawei) operate independently. The solar PV inverter will supply the house load first, and if there’s anything left over, charge the battery. Once the battery is full, it will start to export. The Zappi will detect the export and start to charge the car. There’s no ability to program the Zappi to charge the car battery ahead of the solar PV battery. If the solar PV battery is full and the EV charger is turned on, then the solar PV inverter will provide the required power from the battery before drawing from the grid. I.E. you can use the solar battery to charge the car battery. But that’s not quite the same thing as having the EV charge from the excess ahead of the solar PV battery.

The longer answer is in the MyEnergi manual.


Go to page 5 of the Eddi manual, page 10 of the Zappi.

Note the AC battery highlighted below.

This has a CT to monitor it’s performance.

In the case of a Hybrid inverter, the battery is connected to the inverter directly (circled in red also) and the Eddi doesn’t see what it’s doing.

The FusionSolar/Solis/etc app is required for that.

The explanation of AC versus DC battery is on page 14 (8.5.3) of the Eddi manual.

It’s on page 26 of the Zappi manual (8.5.3).

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