Up to 80%: You Can Generate Nearly 80% of Your Own Electricity When You Install Solar Panels

Have you ever thought of installing solar panels in your home?  

If so, you could reduce your grid electricity consumption and begin to generate up to 80% of your electricity needs. A Solar PV system can provide for much of your electricity needs through self-generation and consumption. As well as this, any excess electricity produced by your system can be sold through the SolarShare virtual power plant, allowing you to join the prosumer economy and gain additional savings. 

How Can You Generate 80% Electricity from Solar PV Panels? 

According to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRU), the average home in Ireland consumes 4,200 kW/h annually. If you installed a 4kW PV solar panel system which includes a storage battery, that gives you 3,400 kW/h annually, then you can generate most of the electricity you need from your Solar PV system.  

  • Annual electricity demand for household = 4,200 kW/h 
  • Annual electricity from solar panels = 3,400 kW/h 
  • Percentage generated = 3,400 kW/h/4,200 kW/h = 80% 

The SolarShare Process 

Our specialist market and product knowledge allows us to custom design a Solar PV system that is optimised for your home, to help ensure the maximum return on your investment. Our straightforward process occurs in just three simple steps. 

Generate Electricity With a Solar PV System

First, we arrange a FREE online rooftop demo, carried out from aerial maps of your property. During this session there is the opportunity to put forth any questions or queries you have about the solar PV system. You also get the chance to see how the system will look on the roof.  

Once the order is placed, we contact our skilled installers and prepare the installation plans. With us safety comes first, we implement industry best practices for health and safety to make certain that no corners are cut during the installation. Upon completing the installation, the team connects your system to the SolarShare Virtual Power Plant. 

Our energy experts are here to guide you each step of the way on your journey to zero-carbon living. They are happy to answer any queries at all stages of the process. Furthermore, once the installation of your SolarShare system is complete, your energy consultant will help you to understand the working process.  


SolarShare – Solar PV System Options

At SolarShare, we have carefully selected Solar Photovoltaic PV panels and energy storage battery manufacturers that will stand the test of time. Maximising solar generation and consumption for the next generation is always our design objective. Systems are configured to cater to varying roof sizes and energy demands. The configurations proposed are designed in all cases to maximise the self-consumption rate. The options which include batteries also maximise the self-sufficiency rate, which means you have the battery storage require to store and therefore use more of the electricity produced by your system. 

12 Panel System

The figure stated above of 80% can be reached and sometimes even exceeded through the careful design of a system based on your electricity consumption, this varies from person to person.  

For example, whilst the average electricity consumption in Ireland stands at 4,200kWh annually, homes with different needs require more or less electricity. The addition of an electric car (EV) will require in the region of 150-200 kWh/1000 km, approximately 2,800 kWh per year extra assuming 16,000 km driven in the year. This brings the average annual electricity consumption of such a home up into the region of 7000 – 8000kWh. 

Whereas a home generating less than this, at roughly 5000kWh annually could exceed the 80% mark. With a 14-panel system including a battery they could generate 4,200kWh which is 84% of their electricity needed. If a home with the average Irish consumption rate of 4200kWh uses this same system they could generate upwards of 95% of their required electricity. The battery in these systems also ensures that the consumer can maximise their consumption of the electricity produced by the system. 

Our simple process means that we can estimate your annual electricity consumption and the type of system that would both suit your home and ensure the maximum return on your investment. You could have your electricity generated from renewable energy sources and save on your bills.

So why not ask for a free quote today and start your journey to zero-carbon living! 

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