Collective Ownership of Home Energy Generation

It’s time we reckon with the reality that it’s our responsibility as homeowners to make a contribution to the climate change problem. The government cannot solve this problem for us, it’s simply too large, and frankly not their responsibility.

After all, homeowners and their cars account for a third of the environmental damage caused on a yearly basis. The math goes something like this. Ireland produces roughly 44MtCO2e per year. That’s 44 million tons of carbon emissions every year. Home electricity and cars account for about 17 million of that, and when it comes to electricity in Ireland, 90% of it is still generated by burning fossil fuels.

There are 1.7 million homes in Ireland. Each of these homes could produce up to 70% of their own electricity in clean energy, if their homes were equipped with solar panels and a storage battery.

Technology and legislation are evolving that will allow communities of people to come together to generate and share their own clean electricity. Known as a Virtual Power Plant, a community of homeowners can join together and collectively share in the ownership of a clean energy producing resource.

We believe the energy of the future home should be generated and owned by homeowners. We’re building a movement of people who want to start generating their own clean energy today and see the long term value in building Ireland’s first, community-owned power plant.

We’ve done the math and for as little as €67 a month, a homeowner can start generating their own clean energy today. The best part is they make an  immediate environmental impact, because they stop pulling dirty energy from the grid as soon as they are plugged in.

The way we are building the community is by working with individual homeowners and community groups around Ireland to understand what going solar means for them, and how we envision the SolarShare virtual power plants evolving with the legislation and the technological innovation over the next two years. We hope to motivate individuals within their community to help spread the SolarShare mission to grow collective ownership of home energy.

We want to show homeowners how an immediate impact can be made, for a minimal monthly financial sacrifice. And if you look at the opportunity created by the virtual power plant as a valuable asset, then the minimal sacrifice is actually a tax-free investment with the potential of a significant return.

With enough momentum, 15% of Ireland’s homeowners could assemble to form a community owned virtual power plant, in theory producing as much power as Moneypoint once produced. With two differences: Clean and owned by the people.

We’re committed to spreading the word about what the people have the power to build. As Steve Jobs famously said, it’s the crazy people that actually change the world.

And while you’re here, why not see how much you could start saving the moment you turn on your new solar system at home. It’s simple to ‘Get a Quote’ or you can also book a 15 minute ‘Online Roof Demo’ with one of our solar energy consultants to get a detailed savings estimate customised for your home:

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