About SolarShare

Over the next two decades, we want to help our communities make the transition to zero-carbon living as simply and cost-effectively as possible. Our vision is a country with the lowest per-capita carbon emissions in the world, a leading example for all.

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Our mission is to bring communities together in the fight against climate change by helping them on their journey to zero-carbon living.

Richard O'Rourke

Founder & CEO

Richard started his career in power electronics in the Far East as a product development engineer in the mid-nineties and subsequently worked in a battery research centre in Switzerland. Realising the Green Revolution was still a long way off (sadly), he hung up his lab coat and caught the internet wave and started a software company to accelerate product development.

Successfully exiting that venture, since 2005 his career has been focused on the transition to a zero-carbon economy. He has masters in renewable energy (UCC 2007), environmental policy (LSE 2008), and energy finance (WBS 2014).

Since 2010 he has worked in the smart grid, the renewable and solar industry, from utility-scale to community scale, to domestic scale, most recently with a domestic rooftop portfolio of 10,000 homes (23MW).

SolarShare was founded in Ireland in 2019 to accelerate our transition to a zero-carbon economy.


Andrew Bright​

Andrew Bright​

Andrew has over 20 years experience as a practitioner, Director and non-executive Director in the environmental and energy sectors globally, both as a consultant and as an in-house advisor for a multi-national business. Andrew’s background includes the establishment of consulting services specialising in advisory on renewable energy feasibility, carbon management, energy efficiency, product and supply chain sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Derek Doyle​

Derek Doyle​

Derek is an architect used to delivering complex projects. He lives in Berlin and works internationally on property and energy projects. He's developed and delivered 70MW of solar in the UK and Holland, 30MW of which were community solar projects.

Thomas Kercher​

Thomas Kercher​

Thomas started his career in solar PV in Germany in 2001. He was appointed CEO of Pfalzsolar in 2011, the solar PV installation division of the German electricity utility Pfalzwerke. In that role he spearheaded its international expansion into other European and US markets developing and constructing solar PV projects. In a career spanning two decades in the solar PV industry he has successfully delivered several hundred megawatts of solar generation.

Customer Advisory Board​

SolarShare customers play an active role in our product development roadmap through our Customer Advisory Board.

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